The Dynamica Battlefield Map

Groundbreaking interactive map of the battlefield.

What happened to the battlefield map?

Regrettably I have removed my interactive Edgehill battlefield map. To my knowledge it was unique and no other battlefield in the world had a similar or sophisticated interactive map, showing historic views of the battlefield, modern field-scapes, various battle array theories and their locations, along with unique photographs - historic and new - and a rich plethora of information showing the exact locations for key events and research relating to the battlefield. The work featured many original insights - with corroborating references to source materials - and used newly discovered materials and documents to improve and disprove many elements of the battle's narrative. Documents I sourced from around the country - previously unknown to studies of the battle - were also used to significantly improve knowledge of the entire battlefield and the events of that historic day. I published them here, for free.

Battle of Edgehill website map
The Battle of Edgehill dynamic map of the battlefield

Bizarrely, or sadly rather predictably, the website, its original research and its interactive map - having been linked to from all online websites about the English Civil War and has sat prominently at number 2 on Google search results for the Battle of Edgehill for over 8 years - has been wonderfully ignored by the "scholars" that produce our books about British battlefields. Continuing well into the 21st century, professional historians have continued to rehash "knowledge" - or the opinions of previous "academics" from the previous century - concerning Edgehill. Revered "specialists" concerning Civil War battlefields have published battlefield interpretations in this century that should embarrass their reputation or they have consciously chosen to demonstrate that they research nothing and only choose to copy and paste what was considered orthodox in their youth. Even the esteemed Battlefields Trust continue to publish blatantly wrong information (and proven Victoriana), about the Edgehill battle to this day, and have ignored the new research and progress offered here. I have met in person key representatives of the Trust at events concerning Edgehill and have received no contact, acknowledgement, note, enquiry, correspondence, or reference, whatsoever concerning my substantial project or research. Recent books featuring the battlefield persist in continuing to print incorrect information and remain guilty of "historian" crimes; retelling what their esteemed colleagues assume to be correct.

I have decided to withdraw and preserve my fresh research and revelations and shall, when I find the time, publish my own title instead. An example of how original research into the subject can be done. An example of how we are now able to move our knowledge forward. An example of a progressive understanding of one of our historic battlefields. And an example of how historians who choose to publish books about history can provide their readers with improved and more accurate information. An example of how greater knowledge can help them grow their interpretations. I hope you - dear website visitor - shall buy a copy!

July 2017